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Aluminum 550 Spyder and MK5 Roadster, handcrafted by the Alloycars coachbuilder
VIDEOS: Courtesy videos from our distributor "spydercreations".
Just watch and judge for yourself. A great car with a great history. We are actually taking some videos shots about our new
MK5Roadster production and building sequences in our shop.
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January 11, 2015
The team of AlloyCars is a sponsor of the SUPERCARWEEK in West Palm Beach-FL. We are going to present some cars built by us with pure aluminum bodies. No bondo..just sanded.

"NEW" MK5 Roadster with aluminum body now available!
January 13, 2015
After one year of development we can present a sneak peak of our new ALUMINUM MK5 Roadster.
This project is based on a CAD-developed and race proven chassis configuration.

Finished ALC Spyder is ready to ship to Germany
January 02, 2015
Our team is proud to announce the conclusion for one more ALC Spyder. This project was also the most observed and commented car over our live cameras.

Right hand drive Spyder for UK customer.
January 05, 2015
Today we started the fabrication of our first RHD Spyder including an original 4-cam engine.

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